Our team has years of experience, in dealing with buyers and sellers of properties. Some of our partners include the Institute of Professional Auctioneers & Valuers, the Property Services Regulatory Authority, Private Residential Tenancies Board, European Confederation of Real Estate Agents and Property Caretakers. We are specialists in Residental & Commercial Sales, as well as private properties. We deal with each of our clients in a professional manner and we ensure that clients are guided through each step of buying or selling, by one of our experts.

Our friendly and professional approach is the reason why we have been in the property business for so many years. Through our website, clients can search our large database of properties that we have available to let or buy. If you are selling a property it can be added to our website making it easy for buyers to view and enquire about. Just give us the necessary information for your property and our team will do the rest.

Using the most modern technology and keeping a detailed and up to database, allows us to satisfy our clients, and help to buy and sell properties in the fastest and most convenient way possible. Local knowledge is an essential part of doing well in the property market. Our team has a strong knowledge of the local area which helps to give us an edge in the property market.