Buying a property should be a quick, simple and stress-free process. Whether you are looking to buy a new house, or you are simply looking to invest in new property, Adrian Hassett has the knowledge and personal customer care required. We are passionate about helping each client find their dream home or property. We are here to help.

It is important for people to understand the things needed when buying a new property. We ensure that each of our clients knows exactly where they stand when it comes to being realistic in terms of finances. Deposit size and the costs associated with borrowing are very important. We consult with each of our clients and make them aware of this during the process of buying a property. This customer service ensures that each of our clients is only looking at properties which are affordable to their particular financial situation. Our clients can make offers with confidence should they see a property which they really like.

Once a client has found a property that they are interested in, the next step of the buying process is to make an offer for the property. Once an offer has been made, we inform the seller so they can consider the offer. If the offer is not accepted, we will relay this back to our client and advise them on their options. If a client wishes to improve the offer, negotations with the seller will begin. Our team will guide you through these negotations, with a view to try and find a price that is suitable for both buyer and seller.